2021 Small File Media Festival YOUTH CONTEST

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Small File Media Festival Youth Video Contest 

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 18, 2021 – SUBMIT HERE! https://forms.gle/uw5LTzJQc465xoxs8

Are you a youth film and media maker who is passionate about the environment? Ready to make media that can tackle the climate crisis? Then it’s time to enter the Small File Media Festival Youth Contest!

We invite young makers who care about the environment to make small-file videos. Why small files? Because streaming video is responsible for 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions! That’s because the data centres, networks, and devices we rely on for streaming are mostly powered by fossil fuels. The Small File Media Festival celebrates videos of under 5 megabytes that show movies don’t have to be big HD files to be beautiful and inspiring. 

We will curate an online program of accepted videos and share it on the Small File Media Festival site

The best videos will be featured on the Small File Media Festival website and awarded the coveted Mini Bear trophy!

Please check out the tips and tutorials for making small-file movies at here!

To get ideas (like animation, text and music, compression, datamoshing, and Demoscene), check out some of the amazing videos at the 2020 and 2021 Small File Media Festival below.

Rules for both categories:
You must be under 20
Your movie must be under 5 megabytes in size and under 5 minutes long
Please record the processing time: how long the software took to render or compress the video
Deadline: November 15, 2021

All accepted works will be programmed on the Small File Media Festival site and receive an honorarium. The best works will also receive the Small File Mini Bear trophy! 

Category 1: Environmental Activism 

An environmentally conscious small-file movie. Subjects might include: 

How much time do you spend streaming videos, Youtube, etc., and how can someone minimize that streaming time? 

How might we shrink the carbon footprint of online media? (For example, stream less; stream in low resolution; watch physical media like DVDs instead; resist addictive media platforms; keep our phones for longer; pressure our governments to switch to renewable energy) 

What is an environmental topic that resonates with you? 

Category 2: Poetry Meets Small Files 

Want to make a Small File but don’t know where to start? This is a wonderful opportunity to tap into your artistic side and create beautiful videos that are environmentally friendly as well!

Our youth ambassador and resident Small File Poet Sanjana Karthik has written a poem inspired by the festival. You can either create a small file based on her words or submit a film based on a poem of your own!

The End Is The Beginning
by Sanjana Karthik

Let our hearts unlock
And our skin touch time
Grant life’s movements
Life’s changes
To uphold on our skin

And the reminiscences we hold
Quench the barren lands
From within

And the sweetness Linger
For as long
As we let in

And our hearts are pregnant
With an anecdote to share
A memory seeped in
Awakened by a new day

The sunrise And sunset
A coupled glow

The beginning
And ending
Beckons new life
To unfold

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