Time is forefront, inescapable and never small in this assemblage of intersecting relative temporalities. Always in movement even when still, Timetravels offers an escape from the four-dimensional manifold of spacetime, disobeying duration and avoiding inference whenever possible.  – JM

Wayner TristaoPrimordios
Brazil, 2020, 0:43, processing time 0:30

Joseph Clark, Persistence & Loss
Canada, 2021, 2:42, 4 MB, processing time 0:35

Strobed remnants of historical logging sites cut down the myth of pristine Salish landscapes. A trick of the light in plain sight.—JM

Joseph Ku, The Frontiersman
Canada, 2020, 2:57, 4.93 MB, processing time: 0:51

Small-file images can be as exquisite as files hundreds of times larger, as Ku’s sensuous shallow-plane focus shows. It’s a gripping costume drama too—a nineteenth-century explorer escapes to the present and dispatches our unfortunate filmmaker!—LM

Homa Khosravi, Back Home
Canada, 2021, 1:54, 2.84 MB, processing time 2:10

Unfolding kinship in a family living room.—FY

Riittaa Oittinen, Sledge
Finland, 0:14, 1.3 MB

When the clock strikes “Snow Day” the never-fleeting child in us all comes out to play.—SB

Niklas Vollmer, Rostig Födelsedag
USA, 2020, 2:00, 4.2 MB, processing time 0:45

Crisp home movies from Sweden, featuring a little girl with a bow as big as her head and family members pawing each other like bear cubs, swim effortlessly into the present. Niklas cajoles his grandmother to squeeze out a tune on the accordion.—LM

Markus Maicher, 10 megabytes of memory
Austria, 2021, 2:00, 10 MB

The physicality of life and the temporality of a home movie. Markus Maicher takes us through 10 years in a blink of an eye.—SB

Noor Abouchehade, Diaspora
Canada, 2021, 2:08, 3.9 MB, processing time 8:00

Abouchehade unleashes the powers of the diasporic image. The small-file format becomes a time-travelling medium that resides in the both-and-neither—a turbulence in the air that traverses the incommensurate worlds of Vancouver and Beirut.—RP

Ockert Greeff, Cling
South Africa/Canada, 2021, 1:54, 4.3 MB, processing time 0:56

The story of an ever-becoming character actualizing in motion.—FY

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