The Magician’s Body

The Magician’s Body

Certainly, when your body is split in half in front of an audience, you know it will come back together. But what if it didn’t? Wouldn’t you like to know the multiverses in which your legs might run and that your core might enjoy? The films in this program show us the labour of trancing, as characters and plot lines appear and disappear on plain sight. Each film is an open invitation to let your body wonder where it could be if it forego of the illusion of certainty. – FY

Dani Rodriguez, striking! popping! CAAAAAANDY
Canada, 2021,  4:09, 4.8 MB, processing time 4:09

Bathed in glitch, Rodriguez performs a colorful alchemy right inside her mouth! The mysteriously nauseating sound attracts wild animals!—LM

Elis Ilkiv, Outdoor Concert
Brazil, 2021, 0:43, 1.14 MB

ASMR both auditory and visual as sun, stream, stone, flora and body connect in a tactile naturist ritual.—JM

Conor Day, Amanita Muscaria
2:32, 5 MB

Elven magick transmogrification spell. In suspended time, soma turns high-res reality into raging pixels.—RP

Eilish Rodden, 31/10/18
Canada, 6:42, 4.2 MB, processing time 0:02

On All Saints’ Day, a Beetlejuice-like figure performs a nunchaku ritual.—LM

Melika Hashemi, Sajdah
GIF image, 4.5 MB

Leanne Dunic, Snow White
Japan/Canada, 2020, 2:19, 5 MB, processing time 1 minute

The unholy marriage of a princess and a snowball, this tale will watch to see if you finally get it.—SB

Dave Lojek, Sick City
Germany, 2:22, 5.2 MB, processing time 1 hour

In a shape-shifting world, characters fall in and out of each others’ plot lines.—FY

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