Steamy Bits

Steamy Bits

A thousand tiny sexes! Polyvalent and promiscuous, small-file media challenges the definition and function of porn. “I know porn when I see it,” as Justice Stewart said. Can you see it? FY, SB, LM, JM, RP

Jesse Blanchard, Rear Window to Paradise
(Vancouver, 2020, 2:18, 3.17 MB, 0:36 processing time)

A critique of societal consumption of media, surveillance and scandal, and the addictive temptation of intimate moments on screen. SB

Ashley Blewer, Throttled
(Brooklyn, 2020, 5:00 of 13:00 work, <2 MB)

Part two of a clickbait performance exploring the intergenerational attraction and manipulation through animated collage. SB

Leanne Dunic, Melt
(Sapporo, 2019, 1:39, 2 MB, <1:00 processing time)

An icy, intimidating, and incredibly sensuous portrait of the relationship between being and the natural world. SB

Sexually suggestive content

Catherine Harrington, Visiting Each Other
(During Lockdown) (London, 2020, 0:25, 2.9 MB)

Sanitary and uncomfortable, Visiting Each Other (During Lockdown) captures the disturbing levels of discomfort in pandemic-era interactions, in an ASMR-like experience. SB

Dooley Murphy Shameless Plug
(Copenhagen, 2020, infinite GIF, 504 KB, 0:01 processing time)

The mundane and erotic paired in oscillation, commenting on simplicity, function, necessity, and satisfaction in perfect rhythm. SB


Dare to slide?

Jennifer Karson, Cosmic Yellow Ball (Burlington, VT, 2019, infinite GIF, 404 KB, 0:01 processing time)

The kiss of a wave, the summer sun on your skin, and the unpredictable motion of a Cosmic Yellow Ball penetrating dry land. SB

Sally Ann McKinsey, Family Recipes: Cheese Ball
(2:21, 1.2 MB, 2:16 processing time)

From your everyday cooking show to an episode of The Magic School Bus, Family Recipes: Cheese Ball has gone microscopic and transported its viewers to explore a deep, dark, and fluffy underworld. SB

Sechs Schwedinnen im Pension
(Tehran  , 2020, 0:08, 3.61 MB, 0:08 processing time)

A peek-a-boo of an exhilarating secret uncovers ideals of independence, self-pleasure, and curiosity. SB


Jesse Blanchard, Fred Halsted, James Bidgood, and Ed Wood, Optics of the Sex Garage (Vancouver, 2020, 2:09, 1.91 MB, 1:26 processing time)

Step into the labyrinth of a queer sex garage and lock away the key. This fast-paced kaleidoscopic miniature is a peephole where homoerotic desire travels like an electric spark across flesh, fluid bodies of shape, line and colour, and the apparatuses of seeing, leather and metal. RP


Warren Chan, Writhe
(Toronto, 1:38, 1.96 MB, 0:41 processing time)

A kaleidoscope of blossoming bodies, Writhe intensely focuses on healthy representations of the body and the messiness of pleasure—a propaganda for the ultimate freedom. SB


Szilvia Ruszev, Untitled
(3:39, 3.6 MB)

A real-life abstraction of curiosity and texture, poetically displaying two significant desires during isolation. SB

Pierre Leichner, Dough Porn #1
(Vancouver, 2014, 3:51, 4.9 MB, 0:15 processing time)

A comical critique on stereotypes within the porn industry and the beautiful display of a long, healthy, happy, and fun relationship between creators. SB

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