SFMF 2021 EVENT – Makers’ Forum One

Small File Makers Forum

August 17, 10 am Pacific Standard Time

As part of the Second Annual Small File Media Festival, starry, self-selected firmament of this year’s festival participants share their ingenious small-file methods, from elegant animation to artistic compression, resuscitated technologies, and virtuosic performance. Hosted by Joey Malbon.


Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kemItEgxtc

Makers’ Forum #1

August 17th – 10am PST

  1. Noor Abouchehade – Diaspora – Timetravels
  2. Pierre Leichner – Worm Art #9 – Animal Locomotion
  3. Sunny Nestler – Cone Worms – Animal Locomotion
  4. Markus Maicher -“10 megabytes of memory“ – Timetravels
  5. Nadia Shams – Point Zero – Timetravels
  6. Mino Iranpoour – Memories of Smartphone on the Room Screen – PT (Care)
  7. Fereshteh Toosi – Toxic Acceleration Spell – Ear(th)-Elemental
  8. Maria Bello – Untitled – Law of Attractions

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