Seriously Small Files

Seriously Small Files

These Seriously Small Files transcend the realms of compression and offer glimpses of immanence through manifestos, executables and the summoning of spirits encased in magnetic tape. A testament to the format, the messages eMBedded in this program are deeply rooted in the medium itself. JM

Loes van Keulen, Sentimental Deterioration
(Amsterdam, 2020, 1:07, 5 MB< 2:25 processing time)

Loes van Keulen reconstructs a night out in a vertical diptych that juxtaposes the monotony of nightlife with sterile, digital narration comprehending life, abstraction, representation and perfection. JM

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 7.13.17 PM

David Buchanan, Stream of Life
(Game of
Life )

David Buchanan creates a digital environment where micro(chip?) lifeforms come into being through algorithmic alchemy. Watch as these chunky pixels evolve in real time in a digital primordial petri dish of pixels. JM

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 7.14.41 PM

Remy Porter, Trying to Play
(Pittsburgh, 5:00, 3.3 MB, 1:18 processing time)

Watch as our host Sheri Smelcer attempts to navigate the expositional minefield of her laptop in an attempt to showcase a small file in this meta-narrative comedy that calls attention to—and inverts—the very being of the Small File Media Festival in a relentlessly self-aware parody. JM

Kristin Roos, Screen Cube City
(Vancouver, 2020, infinite GIF, 670 KB)

Using palette cycling, different parts of the city change colours (grayscale), each part with a different frequency. The colours and frequency are very pleasant to watch. ARS

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 4.46.22 PM

Trevor Byrne, Sticky Note Studies #1 & #2 (Orange and Pink)
(Los Angeles, 2020, 1:06, 1.7 MB, 1:02 processing time)

An explosion of pixels, hues, shades and shadows shift fluidly in a silent, dreamy macro meditation capturing the limitless potential of sticky notes. JM

Matt Warren, Hauntology at 576 Lines (and some at 480 lines) (Australia, 4:38, 4.9 MB, 0:15 processing time)

Warren takes an archival journey into his creative past as he reflects on the Marconian spiritual journey of archaic media after the tape has ended. A spiritual descent invoking the vanishing specters of analog noise. JM

Aidan Branch, Boulevard du Temple 1838 (Vancouver, 2020, 3:19, 2 MB, 2:38 processing time)

A cryptic and hypnotically subliminal manifesto alludes to secret societies through a monochromatic wash of pixels. JM

Joshua Marquis, sparkle sublime (Vancouver, 2020, 2:57, 3 MB, 1:12 processing time)

A dulcet drone punctuated by inaudible, pitch-shifted murmurs provide the soundtrack for a stunning display of fireworks enhanced by the sheer size and fluidity of the compressed pixels, algorithmically smoothed into oblivion. JM

Mike Hazard, Something from nothing (Dr. Evermor) (Minneapolis, 2020, 1:37, 4.1 MB, 1:00 processing time)

Something from nothing (Dr. Evermor) documents Dr. Evermor’s participatory creations hand built from cast-off industrial machinery. In a stunning feat of compression, this short film captures a fidelity of image in a minute file size. JM

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