Sensuous Pixels

Sensuous Pixels A push and pull of the delicate human mind, explicitly transfigured into the sex appeal of the inorganic and the invisible forces of desire.  Sensuous Pixels emits a slow, heavy gravity—are we in outer space— where pixels assume a pliable consistency. SB, RP

Radek Przdepełski, Solarism I Boland Mills
(Dublin, 2020, 4:59, 4.3 MB, 12:00 processing time)

Welcome to a feeling beyond recognition, the burning sensation of what was so out of reach now on the tips of your hairs. Solarism | Boland Mills is a guide through the individual’s cosmos, a constant state of distress before release. SB

Lauren Prousky, The Finally Frontier
(Waterloo, 2019, 3:08, 3.2 MB, 3:08 processing time)

Explores the casualness and ease of change, strategically seducing the individual beyond reason and testing cosmic desires. SB

Lisa McCarty, Flutter
(Dallas, 2020, 1:08, 3.8 MB, 0:24 processing time)

A delicate caress of a translucent wing, Flutter soothes our consciousness by trapping its viewer within their comforts and playfully pulling on our dreams. SB

Zach McLane, I Stood Before the Sea
(Los Angeles, 2019, 1:00, 932 KB, ~15:00 processing time)

Travel through an obscured world of vibrant digital emulsion deterioration and experience past, present, and future of the unknown. SB

Sol Sarratea, Become Rotten
(Brooklyn, 0:30, 825 Kb, 0:04 processing time)

A glimpse into our everyday from the point of view of a poisonous lingering dark reality. SB

Katrina Mugume, The Sunken Space Is Here
(Vancouver, 2020, 3:08, 3.2 MB, 45:40 processing time)

A work of strength and voice told through critical collage protesting dehumanization, entrapment and the sexualization of others. As our hero plunges into space, Sun Ra’s healing music catches him. SB,LM

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.48.43 PM

Kaila Bhullar, The Great Emptiness  in the Sky
(Vancouver, 2020, 4:12)

An unearthly reality condensed in a lack of stability, a forced dream of the beauty of boredom, and the fear of breaking through into the unknown. – SB

Derek Kwan, bombaybeach
(California, 4:59, 4.8 MB, 2:30 processing time)

A digital deterioration of the safe and the understood. Bombaybeach transports its viewers to a landscape in flux, guided by a meditation through an uncomfortable purgatory of familiarity. SB

Paul Clay & Sarah Kantrowitz, I Missed You
(1:13,1.7 MB, 0:04 processing time)

The lonely disconnect from body, touch, and the softness of a loved one, poetically transformed into a floral caress. SB

Max Breakenridge, Digital Human Form Study
(Glasgow, 2020, 4:56, 1.7 MB, 1:11 processing time)

An abstraction of an experience; energy, passion, love dancing inside a body and performing the creation of life, and the intense suction of human instinct before tragedy. SB

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.51.19 PM

Azadeh Emadi, Entangled Orb
(Glasgow, 2020, 5:07, 4.8 MB, 8:00 processing time)

A lite-brite constellation of household textures and the primary color’s reminder of a desire for a child’s freedom, a piece which takes you to another world outside yourself. SB

Jujube, Starling of the Haunting Wolves
(Vancouver, 0:23, 4.3 MB, 0:23 processing time)

A sensuous dance in the bedroom of a femme mind, Starling of the Haunting Wolves will hold your hand as you float through a dream of the elegant erotics and desire of pleasure. SB

Sexually suggestive content

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