“The environmental cost of binge-watching” by Radek Przedpelski, Trinity College Dublin

“Tiny Movies at the End of the World” by Yani Kong, Simon Fraser University

“Streaming video is overheating the planet” by Laura Marks and Stephen Makonin,
The Vancouver Sun


Below the Radar explores unfolding the enfolded with Laura U. Marks, an SFU professor, and scholar who works on media art and philosophy with an intercultural focus. She is in conversation with co-hosts Am Johal and Paige Smith about her research into experimentalism and aesthetics in Arab cinema and the connections between Islamic art and philosophy and new media art. Laura talks about co-founding the Substantial Motion Research Network, tracing cultural and artistic genealogies, and de-westernizing artistic practices. They also discuss the concerns around the environmental consequences of streaming media that led Laura to create the Small File Media Festival.
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