Pandemic Technologies (Care)

Pandemic Technologies (Care)

Through the fabrication of living we are united by loneliness. Humanity clings to our fingertips in droplets of desperation, and yet what is most important rises to the surface and is loud.—SB

Jeremy Tardif, Roaring In Visual Acuity
Canada, 2020, 3:51, 5MB, processing time 5:00

In a feat of miniature mise-en-scène, our masked action hero confronts his solitude amid seemingly impassable obstacles. Perfectly attuned to an emo-prog soundtrack from Marching Mind, this meditation on the masculine mandate to go it alone will wring your tiny heart.—LM

Mariana Sanson, My Niece is a Dragon
USA/Mexico, 2021, 4:57, 5 MB, processing time 5 minutes

A fierce and tender gesture of care and intergenerational feminist solidarity interweaves the personal story of the protagonist and her niece and Mexico’s women protesting the country’s femicide. A message of hope that galvanizes resistance all across the globe.—RP 

Golnaz Moghaddam, Night Night
Iran, 2016, 1:28, 2.1 MB

One bedtime story ends and another begins. Do you look under the bed?—JM

Hanie Alihemmati, Social Distance
0:57, 3.3 MB

What is the toll of the pandemic confinement? Alihemati’s gentle, undulating animation reanimates the feelings we have all experienced. Isolation may eat at the soul but artistic creativity and collaboration offer hope.—RP

Nadia Shams, Point Zero (series)
Iran, series length 7:32, series size 6.6 MB

A haunting, visually virtuosic triptych set in an Iranian day care ends in a dissociative dive into the alien.—JM

Minoo Iranpour, Memories of Smartphone on the Room Screen
Iran, 2021, 1:13, 5.47 MB, processing time 10:00

Domestic meditations on life gone by, as a camera roll is projected in a dark intimate setting backlit by a nocturnal cityscape.—JM

Xinyue Liu, Trace
Canada, 2021, 4:01, 5MB, processing time 10:00

Unrequited, the solitude of caring.—FY

Marilia Kaisar, My Grandmother and the Eating Disorder
Greece, 2020, 1:37, 1.6 MB, processing time: 30:00

Learning how to play mind (and body) games without rules. There’s only one right question, and it will make your grandmother happy.—FY

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