In a world out of sync, someone . . . something . . . went missing . . . MISSING . . . gauges the intensity of loss that encounters and dissolves us every day. Alienated from family and friends . . . facing fakes . . . failing connection . . . getting lost in obsolete media . . . missing pixel resolution . . . fading from focus . . . reaching out to animal worlds. Haunted by the pixelated spirits of the missing, the program is a detective story set during the times of COVID-19 and mass surveillance. RP

Joy Kim, Café Surveillance
(Vancouver, 2019, 2:12, 2.1 MB, 0:35 processing time)

Urban surveillance footage where pixels wake up and smell the coffee. RP


Quin Martins, Extras
(Vancouver, 2009, 2:41, 4.8 MB, 1:33 processing time)

Double homicide: a woman/pixel killed. But fret not, two valiant detectives are on the case. RP


Millie Chen, While We Wait
(New York, 0:52, 4.8 MB, 0:17 processing time)

Voice from a Carolinian forest laments a world adrift. RP


Phoebe Todd-Parrish, Searching
(Edmonton, 2018, 2:40, 827 KB, 2:00 processing time)

As the seeker’s words flow and ebb like waves on the shore, searching makes its own meaning. LUM


António Baía Reis, What about now Minsky?
(Porto, 2019, 1:00, 1 MB, 0:02  processing time)

Insta-filter extravaganza of kaleidoscopic permutations of a face. RP


Weihan Zhou, Moththth
(New York, 2020, 2:58, 3.9 MB, 0:21 processing time)

Moththth haunts a NY bedroom and a motion-detected smart home camera. RP


Pierre Leichner, Catfessions #1
(Vancouver, 2020, 2:44, 4.5 MB, 0:15 processing time)

Home pets deny having eaten forbidden snacks despite the evidence to the contrary. A glimpse into nonhuman creativity. RP


Giorge Di Santi, Novos Modos de Sentir/New Ways of Feeling
(São Paulo, 2020, 3.6 MB)

Quarantine as a composition of fleeting shadows of ornamental ancestors. RP

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.53.15 PM


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