Feeling the Earth’s Pulse

Feeling the Earth’s PulseThis sci-fi program diagnoses (senses, predicts, divinates?) the fault lines, surfaces, zones and oceans occupying the wounded body of the Earth. Feeling the Earth’s Pulse is a post-apocalyptic raw footage that surveys the micro-histories of our times as fossils that tell tales of violence and failure, of the inner life of things, of empty surfaces, of volatile substances, of weeping oceans, and of faces without a voice. RP

Eldritch Priest, Orchids (Vancouver, 2014, 2:30, 5.7 MB, 2:30 processing time)

A glimpse into the incomprehensible inner life of things. RP

Daupo, And Success Will Be Your Name (3 MB, 2:30 processing time)

Rejecting the pressures of masculinity, a modest figure seeks a new place in the sun. LUM

Furkan Donmezer, 339 East Hastings/Historical Truth (Vancouver, 2020, 4:03, 4:03 processing time)

The mysteries of metropolitan life and the life of the pixel. LUM

Jessica Barness, GROUND (2020, Kent, OH, 1:00, 1 MB, 0:20 processing time)

A commentary on image oversaturation and truth of the image. RP

Jesse Blanchard, When the cold storage tried to store flames (Vancouver, 2004/2020, 3:47, 3.66 MB, 0:38 processing time)

Glitch blossoms from vintage footage of an unidentified facility befalling some disaster. LUM

Mansoor Behnam, Weeping Ocean (Toronto, 2020, 0:56, 1 MB)

Spiritual footage of an ocean whirl. RP

Drew Sisk, In media res: a post-apocalyptic bot newscast (Crookville, TN, 3:32, 1.6 MB, 5:43 processing time)

TV news, worrisome but undecipherable, becomes a gorgeous abstraction. LUM

John Tinneny, The End (Belfast, 2020, 2:37, 3.9 MB, 3:00 processing time)

A dispatch from after the end of the world. Beings from another planet earnestly seek to learn from Earthly mistakes. LUM

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 7.03.21 PM

Ilvs Strauss, Mask Off (Vancouver, 2020, 0:09, 3.9 MB)

Ilvs is still here. Are you? LUM

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