Danse Macabre (Dark Metal Baroque)

Danse Macabre (Dark Metal Baroque)

Danse Macabre (Dark Metal Baroque) unfurls whirling Baroque choreographies of life and death, invention, extraction, rejuvenation, exploitation, deterioration and obsolescence. The morbid pieces included in the program dance in the pestilent fumes of madness, folding together algorithmic and procedural transformations, incongruous details, overflowing streaming media, shrieking skeletons, dissonant sounds, perspective distortions and fast tempos. RP

Andrea Velez, Surround (Vancouver, 2020, 3.6 MB)

A classic 1975 Filipino drama of urban exploitation bleeds into the reality of a C0VID-19-era bedroom. RP

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.55.22 PM

Hany Rashed, My Instagram (Cairo, 2019, 0:35, 6 MB, 15:00 processing time)

A Cairo apartment block tenant screams dancing skeletons. RP


François Quevillon, Exhaust (Montréal, 2014, infinite GIF, 2.6 MB, 1:00 processing time)

A GIF that exhaustingly explores flows of water, hot steam and pixels from a geothermal power plant. RP

Valeria Lopez Torres, Womaness (Minneapolis, infinite GIF, 2.6 MB, 0:00 processing time)

A fast-paced GIF opens into a theatre of macabre deformations of commodified femininity. RP

Beau Han Bridge, A Study of Robot Anatomy (Vancouver, 2020, 2:30, 2.5 MB, 1:25 processing time)

Infinite robot assembly with an infinitely looped motif. RP

Muyeoi Choe, Life in Nowhere (Seoul, 2018, 5 x 0:10-0:15, 4 MB each, processing time 0:10 each)

Five jewel-like surrealist miniatures disrupting traditional figurative painting with the gentle flutter of visitors from another realm. RP

Mark Lipton, Tiny Covid-19 Ennui (Guelph, 2020, 3.8 MB)

Cabin fever. A delirium of COVID-19 image oversaturation. RP

Gabriele de Seta, 3GP studies (2009-2010) (Bergen, 2010, 2:13, 4.46 MB, 0:20 processing time)

A quadriptych of nested 3GP works shot with a Nokia 6208c that explore sounds, undulations and orifices of strange, unidentified worlds. RP

Andy Catsirelis, Noise of the Stream (Vancouver, 2020, t2:15, 2.89 MB, 2:32 processing time)

A fluid embrace of passage, transformation, waiting, and loss, realities of streaming as of life. LUM

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.55.49 PM

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