All It Takes

All It Takes Alternative narratives of what hasn’t happened (yet). FY

Phoebe Todd-Parrish, Unstacking
(Edmonton, 2018, 1:00, 1.5 MB, 0:45 processing time)

Mechanical, methodical and deeply satisfying, Unboxing is best viewed on repeat after a long day. Rotoscoped relaxation at its best. JM

Stefano Miraglia, Self Portrait (Paris, 2015, 0:23, 2.48 MB)

Analog vs. digital, color vs. monochrome, cityscape and inhabitant. Miraglia’s Self Portrait offers strobing images in high contrast juxtaposed by a finale that breaks the manic tension with a moment of floral contemplation. JM

Sony Cody, You Know the One
(Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, 2020, 1:38, 1.5 MB, 0:49 processing time)

Clouds become pixels become clouds again in Sony Cody’s You Know the One. Float away as self-defeating dream logic gets washed over by lush synths and hypnotic pulses. JM

Leanne Dunic, Melt (Sapporo, 2019, 1:39, 2 MB less than 0:60 processing time)

An icy, intimidating, and incredibly sensuous portrait of the relationship between being and the natural world. SB

Sexually suggestive content

François Quevillon, Exhaust
(Montréal, 2014, infinite GIF, 2.6 MB, 1:00 processing time)

The deteriorating remnants of the Anthropocene are invoked in François Quevillon’s Exhaust,  a raw and elemental looping GIF that captures the last gasps of a decaying world. JM

Zach McLane, The Passing
(Los Angeles, 2019, 1:00, 788 Kb, 15:00 processing time)

On the window of a passing train, pixel macroblocks, an artifact of motion-compensation algorithms, roll down like tears. LUM

Michelle Dyrness, Stanza
(Los Angeles, 2020, 1:08, 4.3 MB, 1:10 processing time)

A colorful collage, as though through the eyes of a surfeited tourist. LUM

Hân Phạm, Once Upon a Time
(Vancouver, 2020, 5:17, 5.67 MB, 14:00 processing time)

The walls shimmer and fall away, and the history of Vietnam floats into the artist’s bedroom: a century’s worth of noisy, jostling stories. Just as suddenly, the world retreats again, leaving no trace but a few compression artifacts. LUM

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 7.09.00 PM

Trevor Byrne, Sticky Note Studies #1 & #2 (Orange and Pink) (Los Angeles, 2020, 1:06, 1.7 MB, 1:02 processing time)

An explosion of pixels, hues, shades and shadows shift fluidly in a silent, dreamy macro meditation capturing the limitless potential of sticky notes. JM

Sena Cleave, Modern Girl
(Nanaimo, 2020, 2:14, 2.31 MB, 1:15 processing time)

From vintage Japanese fashion magazines, dreams of travel, family harmony, and feminine perfection. LUM

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