2022 Small File Media Festival

Here is an archive of all things 2022 Small File Media Festival, including the award winners, festival program, schedule of events, photo gallery and more.

Up to now we have been low-key, we have been playing it nice.

But the world is broken. 

This time we are demanding—stop fossil fuels dependence bringing war and destruction worldwide! 

We are demanding — unleash creative r/evolution! 

We are demanding — destroy the large-file clichés of thinking that prevent us from imaging a world otherwise! 

It’s time to save the world – ONE PIXEL AT A TIME

Festival Program

Watch the entirety of the 2022 Small File Media Festival – for free!

Our films are PUNK/CHIC — forceful and elegant, streamlined and stealthy, uncompromising in vision, edgy in the message. Curated in six+2 programs that make you THINK THRICE TWICE! 

2022 Award Winners

Find out who won the coveted 2022 Mini Bear Trophy and screening awards from our festival partners The HMM, VIVO, and the Los Angeles Film and Video Poetry Society!

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