Ontological Temperature

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Ontological Temperature

Amidst this summer’s heatwave—a scorching imprint of the Anthropocene—airport infrared scanners search our bodies for signs of inflammation. Diagnostic machines whirr as oracles. Temperature—whether that of global land surface, server farms or the zones of our bodies—has taken an existential and political dimension. As above, so below. Being emits energy, radiates, detonates and takes a toll. The small-file interventions in this program are diagnostic oracles akin to thermal scanners. They trace the emerging zones of intensity marked by the phenomena of bordering, melting, (de)saturation and dispersion, revealing intimate climates in the fault-lines of environmental, mental and social ecologies.—RP

Minoo Iranpour, Recover Archival Energy of Memories: 1-5 
Iran, 2021, series length 3:03, series size 13.31 MB, processing time 7:00

Like a medium wrangling a thumping weegee board, Iranpour and the projector form a trembling human-machine collaboration attempting to resuscitate near-lost moments. In five passes, the scratched, glowing images tantalizes as the playback device rattles and whirs. That archival energy, does it lodge in us, the spectators?—LM

Amina Razzack, Toil-It
India, 2021, 1:36, 4.56 MB, processing time 3:00

Amidst soaring temperatures, a woman’s urgent search for a toilet exposes an oppressive patriarchal society.—RP

Eric Butler, it’s raining but i don’t believe it’s raining
USA, 2020, 3:50, 1.2 MB, processing time 1:00

A hypnotic dissolution of the self resigned to the flow of digital waters. A replicant’s poem brought into crushing fruition.—JM

Zach McLane, Dedicated to Hanna; Passages in Videosilence; Sketch in Orangeblue
USA, 2020, series length 4:00, series size 9.4 MB, processing time 0:10

Zach McLane, poet of haptic renunciation, is back with a dreamy series of three works. Its sleeve fluttering like a captured swallow, a hand trails in the glitchy purple ether. Lost fragments of memory beguile the darkness like moths. Quivering at the horizon of figuration, a fat fruit, a garrulous star.–LM

Charlie Cooper, Series 1-4
Canada, 2021, series length 6:00, series size 15.9 MB

In a rediscovery of the natural world told through the privileged lens of weather cams, Cooper shares a sonically driven series following an emotional relationship.—SB

Nicolás Higuera, Fantasmas Sobre Asfalto
Colombia, 4:50, 5.6MB, processing time 4:10

Departing and arriving, the telling of the city as the night combusts.—FY

Pierre LeichnerThen, Now, and Then
Canada, 2021, 2:41, 4.3 MB

A Venus of Willendorf decomposes into rogue lumps of ecstatic sizzling matter.—RP

Rrose Present, TEXTures of a path
Spain, GIF image, 4.3MB

A silhouette gently sinks into the forest, shapeshifting in an act of sympathetic magic.—RP

Dion Smith, Atlantic Promise
Canada, 2021, 3:27, 4.9MB

Imagination drifts as skygazing turns to the deterioration of a familiar reality, space, and the birth of a new world—wait—that one looks like a bird!—SB

Andrew Roach, Sasquatch Expedition
US, 2021, 12:54, 2.6 MB

A deliriously funny series of narrowcast field explorations from an opinionated off-the-grid Sasquatch hunter. Is that Bigfoot looming in the darkness, or a field of pixel blocks?-LM

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