2020 Program

Festival Programs

Ready to enter the world of small files? Enjoy the archive of our 2020 Small File Media Festival!

Don’t forget to set Vimeo to 240p or 140p–no need for hi-res!

All It Takes

Alternative narratives of what hasn’t happened (yet). FY

Phoebe Todd-Parrish, Unstacking 
Sony Cody, You Know the One 
Leanne Dunic, Melt 
Stefano Miraglia, Self Portrait 
François Quevillon, Exhaust 

Zach McLane, The Passing 
Michelle Dyrness, Stanza 
Hân Phạm, Once Upon a Time 
Trevor Byrne, Sticky Note Studies #1 & #2
(Orange and Pink)
Sena Cleave, Modern Girl

Sensuous Pixels

A push and pull of the delicate human mind, explicitly transfigured into the sex appeal of the inorganic and the invisible forces of desire.  Sensuous Pixels emits a slow, heavy gravity —are we in outer space— where pixels assume a pliable consistency. SB, RP

Radek Przdepełski, Solarism I Boland Mills 
Lauren Prousky, The Finally Frontier 
Lisa McCarty, Flutter 
Zach McLane, I Stood Before the Sea 
Sol Sarratea, Become Rotten 
Katrina Mugume, The Sunken Space Is Here 

Kaila Bhullar, The Great Emptiness  in the Sky 
Derek Kwan, bombaybeach
Paul Clay & Sarah Kantrowitz, I Missed You 
Max Breakenridge, Digital Human Form Study 
Azadeh Emadi, Entangled Orb 
Jujube, Starling of the Haunting Wolves 


In a world out of sync, someone . . . something . . . went missing . . . MISSING . . . gauges the intensity of loss that encounters and dissolves us every day. Alienated from family and friends . . . facing fakes . . . failing connection . . . getting lost in obsolete media . . . missing pixel resolution . . . fading from focus . . . reaching out to animal worlds. Haunted by the pixelated spirits of the missing, the program is a detective story set during the times of COVID-19 and mass surveillance. RP

Joy Kim, Café Surveillance 
Quin Martins, Extras
Millie Chen, While We Wait 
Phoebe Todd-Parrish, Searching

António Baía Reis, What about now Minsky?
Weihan Zhou, Moththth
Pierre Leichner, Catfessions #1
Giorge Di Santi, Novos Modos de Sentir/New Ways of Feeling 

Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre (Dark Metal Baroque) unfurls whirling Baroque choreographies of life and death, invention, extraction, rejuvenation, exploitation, deterioration and obsolescence. The morbid pieces included in the program dance in the pestilent fumes of madness, folding

together algorithmic and procedural transformations, incongruous details, overflowing streaming media, shrieking skeletons, dissonant sounds, perspective distortions and fast tempos. RP

Andrea Velez, Surround 
Hany Rashed, My Instagram 
François Quevillon, Exhaust
Valeria Lopez Torres, Womaness
Beau Han Bridge, A Study of Robot Anatomy

Muyeoi Choe, Life in Nowhere 
Mark Lipton, Tiny Covid-19 Ennui
Gabriele de Seta, 3GP studies
Andy Catsirelis, Noise of the Stream

Feeling the Earth’s Pulse

This sci-fi program diagnoses (senses, predicts, divinates?) the fault lines, surfaces, zones and oceans occupying the wounded body of the Earth. Feeling the Earth’s Pulse is a post-apocalyptic raw footage that surveys the micro-histories of our times as fossils that tell tales of violence and failure, of the inner life of things, of empty surfaces, of volatile substances, of weeping oceans, and of faces without a voice. RP

Eldritch Priest, Orchids
Daupo, And Success Will Be Your Name
Furkan Donmezer, 339 East Hastings/Historical Truth
Jessica Barness, GROUND
Jesse Blanchard, When the cold storage tried to store flames

Mansoor Behnam, Weeping Ocean
Drew Sisk, In media res: a post-apocalyptic bot newscast
John Tinneny, The End 
Ilvs Strauss, Mask Off

Universe In your Pocket

These movies compress vastness into the smallest of spaces, and find mysteries of the cosmos in the most mundane of places. Some artists hack analog and digital technologies to construct low-tech time-travel machines. Others create spaces for things that do not exist yet. LUM

Joshua Solondz, Action for Camera 2 
Azadeh Emadi, Entangled Orb 
E Lebo, Pretty Permanent 
Aaron Tucker, The Photogénie Series
Shyra Desouza, A Scary Clown 
Jason Livingston, Alexa, What Is Decolonize? 

Lindsey Arturo, Message Received
Daniel Carter, Star Trek: Voyager Intro in 283kb 
David C. Kane, I Dream to Kiss the Melting Land 
Hân Phạm, Once Upon a Time 

Mind Candy

The Mind Candy program showcases the mind-bending range of Small Files, from cat and dog videos, near-biblical animated GIF epics and face-melting glitch art meditations on narrative, experience and perception. Appealing for kids of all ages! JM

Darcie DeAngelo, How does she do that? 
Nathan Wyatt Kiesman, New Beginnings
Ashley Blewer, Throttled
Ben Mosher, Cloud Loves

Jennifer Karson, Latent Space Walk – Outbreaks from the Grid
Colin Williscroft, O’Hara Lane 
Kristen Roos, Screen Box City
Andy Catsirelis, The Noise of the Stream

Seriously Small Files

These Seriously Small Files transcend the realms of compression and offer glimpses of immanence through manifestos, executables and the summoning of spirits encased in magnetic tape. A testament to the format, the messages eMBedded in this program are deeply rooted in the medium itself. JM

Loes van Keulen, Sentimental Deterioration
David Buchanan, Stream of Life 
Remy Porter, Trying to Play 
Kristin Roos, Screen Cube City
Trevor Byrne, Sticky Note Studies #1 & #2 (Orange and Pink)

Matt Warren, Hauntology at 576 Lines (and some at 480 lines)
Aidan Branch, Boulevard du Temple 1838
Joshua Marquis, sparkle sublime
Mike Hazard, Something from nothing (Dr. Evermor) 

Steamy Bits

A thousand tiny sexes! Polyvalent and promiscuous, small-file media challenges the definition and function of porn. “I know porn when I see it,” as Justice Stewart said. Can you see it? 

Jesse Blanchard, Rear Window to Paradise 
Ashley Blewer, Throttled
Leanne Dunic, Melt 
Catherine Harrington, Visiting Each Other
Dooley Murphy,Shameless Plug 
Jennifer Karson, Cosmic Yellow Ball

Sally Ann McKinsey, Family Recipes: Cheese Ball
Jesse Blanchard, Fred Halsted, James Bidgood, and Ed Wood, Optics of the Sex Garage
Warren Chan, Writhe
Szilvia Ruszev, Untitled
Pierre Leichner, Dough Porn #1 

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